David brings an intuition that allows him to be “tuned in” -- this  ability elevates his capacity to be a potent healer. I work with David to connect with my feminine side. After years of being accomplishment driven in the business world, I desire to be more connected to my heart. This work has opened my heart in magical and unexpected ways. Since I started working with David and Tantra, I am a magnet for men – actually a magnet for all people. It’s amazing how much love and connection is in my life and the joy and wonder I now experience.

Elle P. (New York, NY)

David is incredible. His energy, presence, ability to make a woman safe is something I have never experienced before. He has an extraordinary gift to feel the feminine. He is very intuitive to what a woman wants and needs. In my session with David, we were focusing on healing my heart. At the time, I had some past lover's residue pain that I stuffed deep down inside and that way numbed myself to the point where I was like a rock. I could not feel the pain any more. I was avoiding this type of healing work for a while but finally got brave enough to face the pain again. David held the space perfectly. He encouraged me to feel the pain again, slowly and gently removing it from my body and from my past. I cried, I screamed, I felt the pain releasing it little by little. I have had several sessions with David, which is highly recommended in order to really complete the healing process. I can't be more grateful to David. With his help I am now a more empowered and liberated woman, ready to love again.

Irene S. (New York, NY)


Working with David

Had me surrender deeply, as I let go of the low and embraced the high.


Throughout, his gentle and healing Masculine had me know that I was safe and held;

Safe to let go however my body needed to. 


Through his full presence, guidance and fierce kindness,

I was able to be in my body, in present time, which is the ultimate gift.

I transmuted my pain and trauma into something higher. 


I felt like I was giving birth to my Goddess.


Since that powerful time, I feel a peace within myself 

And a lightness and flow;

Slowing down and appreciating all things more;

And I feel such Joy!!


A healing happened to me cellularly and sexually,

And it's most beautiful and meaningful that it happened with a powerful and caring man.

-Lauren M. (New Jersey)


David is a talented somatic Tantric healer who brings his deep intuition and respect for women into his practice. With his sensitivity to energy, he is able to facilitate the release of past emotional blocks.

Karen F. (New York, NY)


David is a kind, gentle, caring man and you can feel this in your sessions with him. It is easy to relax and trust him with who you really are in order to gain the most out of the sessions. He offers helpful and productive feedback to questions and curiosities, and he truly understands and accepts you as a client. I have learned a lot from David and am grateful I have discovered him and his services. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for true healing, love, and positive change.

Clare E. (Washington DC)


David is so tuned in. He gave my body exactly what it needed in order to relax and receive his healing, loving energy. I had received two other Tantra sessions in the year prior, but neither of those came close to my experience with David. David’s love and patience is powerful. Near the end of my session, I experienced spontaneous feelings of forgiveness and healing around sexual trauma I had been carrying for 35 years. I feel like my session with David may have opened a new door to my sexual and spiritual health. It’s been four months since my session, and my sex life (as well as my self-love) has up-leveled over and over since then. Thank you, sweet David!

Candace M. (Dallas, TX)


David is one of the most loving, intuitive, and compassionate Asian gentleman I have ever had the privilege of interacting with. I say this because due to my childhood trauma, Asian men can sometimes be a trigger for me. I specifically chose to work with David because I knew we could do some deep healing work together around my negative experiences with Asian men. I am not going to go into great detail about my session with David, but I will say that it was transformational. It literally felt like my history of trauma was being rewritten. Once the healing happened my body felt more open to experiencing pleasure. David is knowledgeable, caring, skilled, and highly intuitive. He’s a great listener who is very empathetic and non judgmental. He takes the time to connect with you as a person.  I felt comfortable in sharing things with him that I wouldn’t normally share with others. You can trust him. I was pretty nervous and anxious at first but his nurturing qualities eased my anxiety. He creates an amazingly unique and mind blowing experience for you where you are free to explore your Shakti(feminine energy). David takes great pride in what he does and takes the time and effort to make each session a true experience. He helped me come out of my shell to embrace my Shakti(feminine energy) and met me exactly where I needed him to. My time with him was a true feeling of bliss. If you have a desire to learn, heal, and explore, David is the one for you. I highly recommend his offerings. All of the stars and thumbs up possible.

Soriya C. (Denver, CO)


David was absolutely wonderful! I felt so safe and cared for throughout our session together. David creates such a special experience and is incredibly intuitive - he knew exactly what I needed from moment to moment. He was not only a coach, but my teammate on this journey into my body, mind, and spirit, and treated me with such respect. After our session, I felt so relaxed, more aware of my body and my feelings, and ready to take on new challenges. I can't recommend David enough!

Yvonne M. (Chicago, IL)


My session with David was amazing. His ability to read my energy and meet me where I was at allowed me to let go and open to the experience. I felt seen and accepted in each moment, without any fears of being "wrong", which made it possible for me to be in the moment...open, playful, and full of Bliss.

Annette W. (Los Angeles, CA)


David's healing session was a beautiful thing to experience; my body's capacity to momentarily touch into such deep darkness only to return, in short order, to a state of true wellness. His compassion intuition and presence were in perfect harmony. He was unconditional love with the wisdom of an old soul. 

Kara K. (Detroit, MI)


David is truly a gifted healer. After just one session, I began to feel more pleasure in parts of my body which had been numb from cancer surgery and medication. David’s loving presence helped me to feel safe and grounded while expanding my capacity to reach new levels ecstasy.

Samantha S. (San Francisco, CA)


My session with David was nothing short of magical. He is an incredibly sensitive, attentive, and skillful giver, with an amazing ability to stay genuinely and powerfully present for you for as long as needed! The session with David opened up new horizons of pleasure for me, as well as made me realize and own my feminine power on a much deeper level than before.  I feel blissed to encounter this handsome young man with the wisdom and integrity of an old sensei. I highly recommend him to all women who are up to exploring their sexuality in the safe professional environment with clear boundaries. 

Victoria (Boston, MA)