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About David

I am an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with the Source School of Tantra Yoga. I am committed to helping people break through their negative conditioning to find their power and uncover their unlimited potential from their essence.

After having an incredibly sexually and spiritually repressed upbringing, I have always had a burning curiosity for sex and spirit.

I discovered Tantra by chance in 2014 and had a spontaneous spiritual awakening shortly afterwards. As an empath, someone who can deeply feel energies and emotions of people and my environment, my awakening was extremely painful. I became conscious of my own suffering (my fears, traumas, negative beliefs and conditioning) as well as the suffering of those around me. I became dedicated to my own healing and growth.

Tantra has allowed me to process through my traumas to cultivate self-love, tap into my potent creative sexual energy, and live an extraordinary life. I am passionate about bringing this same incredible transformation to people around me to cultivate love and consciousness. 

Why Tantra?


Tantra is a spiritual path which honors and sees everything as divine. Through tantric practices, you are able to expand your consciousness, change the way you view the world through the lens of love and bliss, and create full acceptance of yourself and those around you. 

As an ancient practice discovered by the Hindus and Buddhists thousands of years ago, Tantra was meant to be a practical spiritual practice for householders who were unable to spend their entire life in an ashram yet had a yearning for greater consciousness. Most spiritual traditions enforced celibacy as they recognized the potency of this creative sexual energy and the importance of not squandering it in hopes of channeling it towards enlightenment.

Unfortunately, this has created massive amounts of repression, guilt and shame around our sexuality in today's culture, which blocks the flow of our spiritual, sexual energy and limits our creativity and passion. Tantra views our bodies and our sexuality as divine and teaches us to channel this energy throughout our bodies to heal traumas, blasting through fear, guilt, and shame to experience love and wholeness.

Tantra is incredibly useful and can be easily interwoven into our daily lives. Through accepting ourselves fully and embodying our sexuality, we are able to cultivate our own personal power as sovereign beings. This enables us to have authentic relationships with ourselves and highly fulfilling intimate relationships. Tantra also helps bring us into the present moment so that we can live more fully and alive.

Tantra Events

Principles of Tantra - An Evening of Intimacy and Connection

Join me and the lovely Irene Sulim as we explore the ancient wisdom of Tantra and practical applications to enhance your life. In this workshop we combined all the core principles of Tantra to share with you so that you can gain a deeper understanding and have an opportunity to practice them in a fun, playful and open environment!

Private Sessions for mind/body/spirit

Tantra Healing/Activation Session (for women/couples) 

In this session, we will use tantric techniques such as breath work, sounding, visualization, to awaken your feminine sexual energy (Shakti) for greater states of consciousness, ecstasy, and pleasure. The intention is to connect to your full feminine radiance to send blissful love and healing to every aspect of your life. 

Each session begins with the setting of clear boundaries and intentions. During the session, I hold a safe container for you to feel and experience the expansion of your life force energy. As an empath, I'm able to feel the energy in your body and help you channel it throughout your chakras (energy centers) to heal and facilitate your awakening to higher consciousness.

This is a form of somatic body healing, which utilizes your sexual energy to break through trauma and energetic blocks. This allows you to connect to your inner essence and authentic self and feel it strongly in your body. As human beings, we store trauma in our bodies that become stuck in neurotic holding patterns and affect our ability to be open and free. You may come across repressed emotions and past traumas and this can be an incredibly emotional experience. This is a great opportunity to let go of negative emotions that do not serve you anymore. You can get a felt sense of your inner essence and discover your natural birthright of abundance, radiance, and power. Whatever experience you have will be completely honored and held in a loving space. 

You can expect to feel empowered, blissful, and liberated. 

For Couples 

In this 2-3 hr session, I will be facilitating a couples session based on your desires/intentions starting with connection exercises, conscious touch, energy flow. This creates a relaxing, loving, deep connection between the two of you. Then I will guide you two to conduct a women's receiving tantra healing session (as described above). The man will learn how to be present and conduct a tantra massage that awakens the woman's sexuality and radiant feminine energy. The woman will learn how to open, surrender, and deeply feel her own essence and bliss.



This work has opened my heart in magical and unexpected ways. Since I started working with David and Tantra, I am a magnet for men – actually a magnet for all people. It’s amazing how much love and connection is in my life and the joy and wonder I now experience.
— Elle P. (New York, NY)
David is incredible. His energy, presence, ability to make a woman safe is something I have never experienced before. He has an extraordinary gift to feel the feminine. He is very intuitive to what a woman wants and needs. I can’t be more grateful to David. With his help I am now a more empowered and liberated woman, ready to love again.
— Irene S. (New York, NY)
Working with David had me surrender deeply, as I let go of the low and embraced the high. Throughout, his gentle and healing Masculine had me know that I was safe and held. Safe to let go however my body needed to. Through his full presence, guidance and fierce kindness, I was able to be in my body, in present time, which is the ultimate gift. I transmuted my pain and trauma into something higher. Since that powerful time, I feel a peace within myself and a lightness and flow; Slowing down and appreciating all things more.
— Lauren M. (New Jersey)
David’s love and patience is powerful. Near the end of my session, I experienced spontaneous feelings of forgiveness and healing around sexual trauma I had been carrying for 35 years. I feel like my session with David may have opened a new door to my sexual and spiritual health. It’s been four months since my session, and my sex life (as well as my self-love) has up-leveled over and over since then. Thank you, sweet David!
— Candace M. (Dallas, TX)


Let me know how I can be of service to you

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